Welcome to Hound Ultrasound

Who will interpret the ultrasound?      

Experienced Board Certified Radiologist or Cardiologist!


A board certified Radiologist or Cardiologist will interpret the sonogram. The sonograghers have over 15 years of experience performing abdominal and cardiac ultrasounds with over 40000 exams performed. 

How quickly can Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound arrive at my office?

Fast Response time!



The goal of Hound Ultrasound is to perform the exam within 24 hours of receiving a call for an appointment.  We work tirelessly 7 days a week, weekends and holidays to make sure we serve everyone as soon as possible.

What type of equipment does Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound Use?

State of the art equipment!

Hound Ultrasound uses a state of the art Hitachi equipment. The machine is capable of color flow Doppler, pulsed wave Doppler, continuous wave Doppler , power Doppler, tissue Doppler imaging and high resolution small parts imaging. It is important to use top of the line equipment to get quality diagnostic results.

How will I receive results?  

 Findings will be discussed immediately!
  An official report from a board certified Radiologist or Cardiologist will be faxed and emailed to your facility. Our sonographer can discuss the results immediately with the ordering DVM. The Radiologist or Cardiologist will review imaging and clinical information and will issue an official report.
Do the patients need to be sedated?    Sedation not needed!
  An ultrasound exam creates no pain for the pet.  The use of sedation is completely under the discrection of the DVM. 90% of the patients are co-operative either lying on their back in a trough or on their side.  The most likely candidate for mild sedations would be a fractious cat needing an echocardiogram.

What preparation is needed?

 Minimal prep needed:
  Patients should be clipped before Hound Ultrasound arrives at your office.  For an echocardiogram, a small patch on both sides in the axilla over the apex beat is shaved. For an abdominal ultrasound, shave as if for an exploratory laparotomy.  Be sure to shave the last 3 rib spaces and laterally as high as the mid paralumbar fosssa. A 12 hour fast is recommended to clear gastrointestinal contents and gas from the GI tract.
What is the fee schedule for Hound Ultrasound?  

Call or Email for current fee schedule!



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What form of payment is accepted?

e-transfer, cash or check

   Due at time of service.